Computer Skills Training

Couseware4U now also provides computer skills training. In collaboration with our strategic partner, Wise Owl Solutions, we provide the following training options:

  • spot training – short sessions for individuals who need help with a single element in an application in the Office suite for example pivot tables (Excel) or relationships (Access),
  • one-on-one – individual basis, longer sessions on any application in the Office suite,
  • training for small groups – 3-5 participants and
  • in-house training for the staff of businesses/institutions/organisations.

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Our training includes the following

Operating Systems from start-up level to advanced.

Once you have completed the training, you will be able to:

  1. Understand key concepts relating to ICT, computers, devices and software.
  2. Start up and shut down a computer.
  3. Work effectively on the computer desktop using icons, windows.
  4. Adjust the main operating system settings and use built-in help features.
    Know about the main concepts of file management and be able to efficiently organise files and folders.
  5. Understand key storage concepts and use utility software to compress and extract large files.
  6. Understand the importance of protecting data and devices from malware and of backing up data.
    Recognise considerations relating to green IT, accessibility and user health.
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We train seniors at their own homes if required

Internet and Email course from start-up to advanced.

Once you have completed the training, you will be able to:

  1. Understand web browsing and online security concepts.
  2. Use the web browser and manage browser settings, bookmarks, and web outputs.
  3. Search effectively for online information and critically evaluate web content.
  4. Understand concepts of online communities, communications and email.
  5. Send, receive e-mails and manage email settings.
  6. Organise and search emails.

Training is available from start-up level (introduction/basics) to expert level (advanced)..

We specialise in training in the Microsoft suite of software including

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel

Training in the Microsoft suite is available from start-up level (introduction/basics) to expert level (advanced).

The following is important!

  • Dates and times to be negotiated with trainees
  • Fees to be negotiated in advance
  • Small groups (3-5) must make up their own groups
  • All trainees must have their own laptops or tablets with Windows and the Office suite installed. This could be Office 2013 – Office 2016 or Office 365.
  • Fees will depend on the level of competence of trainees and level of training required. Fees will be negotiated with trainees.
  • All training material (courseware) will be provided by us  in the form of e-books at no extra cost.

Training will be available in Langebaan and the rest of the West Coast area at centres from Melkbosstrand to Velddrif.

Please complete the form below if you are interested and we’ll get back to you to make the necessary arrangement.