Operating Systems Intermediate Quiz


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1. When a window is maximized, the Maximize button changes to the Restore Down button. True or false?
2. How do you open  a file, folder, application or drive from an icon on the desktop?
3. ICT is an acronym for?
4. A computer system consists of two major elements, namely hardware and software.
5. The central processor of a computer is also known as the CPU, or central processing unit.
6. The keyboard can be an external peripheral device in a desktop system or a virtual keyboard in a tablet.
7. What does USB stand for?
8. HDMI is a connector and cable capable of transmitting high-quality and high-bandwidth streams of audio and video between devices.
9. Software can be divided into three categories namely System software, Programming software and ...? Name the third category.
10. What is the software called that help users perform tasks such as creating documents, databases, charts, worksheets and presentations?
11. Briefly describe what an End User License Agreement (EULA) is.
12. Which keyboard keys can be used to shut down a computer?
13. Which is the most used OUTPUT device of a computer?
14. The performance of a computer refers to how long it takes to boot up (start), launch applications and performs instructions. Which of the following factors can influence the start-up speed of a computer?
15. The inkjet printer sprays ink from an ink cartridge at very close range to the paper as it rolls by. True or False?
16. The quality of a screen's performance is assessed using a few key factors. Which of the following is true?
17. What is used to communicating with the computer keyboards when a wireless keyboard is used?
18. Name three modifier keys on a computer's keyboard.
19. In computer hardware, what serves as an interface between the computer and other computers or peripheral devices?
20. An operating system, often shortened to OS, is the most important software that runs on a computer. Which of the following are operating systems?
21. FTP is an acronym for?
22. Mobile apps are sometimes categorized according to whether they are web-based or native apps, which are created specifically for a given platform. True or false?
23. What is meant by open-source software?
24. Freeware is computer software that is made available to users free of charge. Which of the following are Freeware?.
25. BIOS is an acronym for?
26. This part of the Windows screen.What is it called and where on the screen is it situate by default?
27. How do you open a file, folder or application from an icon on the desktop?
28. In Windows, what is the name of the horizontal bar located at the top of a window or a dialog box?
29. When a window is maximized, the Maximize button changes to the Restore Down button. True or false?
30. There are various methods to find help on Windows. Name three methods that can be used.
31. Settings for the Windows operating system can be changed using the Settings app. How does one open the Windows 10 Settings app.?
32. What information will be displayed when you click on the Settings tab in Windows 10 and then select the System tile -> About tab

The desktop background, or wallpaper, can be a picture installed with Windows or a picture you have saved on your computer, e.g. a personal photograph. It can also be a set of pictures used as a slide show.

34. Which one of the following is a structure used by the Windows Operating System to organise drives, folders and files on a computer?
35. Describe briefly how to change the Default Keyboard Language (English US) to English UK
36. Which keys on the keyboard must be pressed simultaneously  to open the Task Manager dialog box.
37. What is USB flash drive?
38. File Explorer is a term most commonly used to describe the file management aspect of the Windows 10 operating system. True or False?
39. Your new question!
40. Which of the following methods can be used to rename a file or folder in File Explorer?
41. In File Explorer a file can be selected in the Navigation or Contents pane. True or false?