Spreadsheets Expert (Advanced Level)

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This Courseware4u Expert Level Spreadsheets manual is aimed at users who want to master the more advanced functions of MS Excel and enable them to perform complex mathematical and statistical calculations, thus saving time and improving productivity in the completion of tasks.

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Advanced Spreadsheets requires the candidate to use the spreadsheet application to produce advanced spreadsheet outputs.

After working through this manual you should be able to:

  1. Apply advanced formatting options such as conditional formatting and customised number formatting and handle worksheets.
  2. Use functions such as those associated with logical, statistical, financial and mathematical operations.
  3. Create charts and apply advanced chart formatting features.
  4. Work with tables and lists to analyse, filter and sort data. Create and use scenarios.
  5. Validate and audit spreadsheet data.
  6. Enhance productivity by working with named cell ranges, macros and templates.
  7. Use linking, embedding and importing features to integrate data.
  8. Collaborate on and review spreadsheets.
  9. Apply spreadsheet security features

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