Basic HTML & CSS Self Study Package

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A basic tutorial for the introduction to basic web design using only Notepad.

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  1. Introduction to HTML.
  2. Create HTML documents.
  3. Fundamentals of HTML.
  4. Basic HTML markup
  1. Insert text in a web page.
  2. Insert paragraphs and line breaks.
  3. Insert headings.
  4. Format text.
  5. Font attributes.
  6. Working with lists.
  7. Paragraph attributes.
  1. Use colour in HTML pages.
  2. Page backgrounds.
  3. Image formats.
  4. Insert images.
  5. Image attributes.
  1. Absolute hyperlinks.
  2. Relative hyperlinks.
  3. Create a hyperlink to a page.
  4. Insert a bookmark link.
  1. Working with online forms.
  2. Insert form input elements.
  1. Using tables in a web page.
  2. Working with columns and rows.
  3. Apply background colours and borders to a table.
  1. Working with style sheets.
  2. Style sheet application hierarchy.
  3. Inline styles.
  4. Colours and images in styles.
  5. Working with external CSS.
  6. Design a web page without using talbes
  1. The purpose of meta tags.
  2. How to use meta tags in a web page.
  1. Requirements for a website.
  2. Planning a website.

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