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We specialise in the production of customizable courseware for Microsoft OfficeTM and WindowsTM.  but our courseware is also available in other formats. We aligned our material with certification programmes that are designed, validated, and approved by academics and industry experts from around the world. It is mainly aimed at training centres and institutions, but we also have packages specifically designed for use by self study students.

Our courseware is sought after by most leading training centres and institutions because it is user-friendly, comes with a price match guarantee and also includes an activities folder with lots of exercises, PowerPoint slides and more. We also offer ongoing support for all our customers.

Four different formats

Courseware4U is probably the only courseware provider in South Africa that offers its courseware in four different formats:

  • Customizable in MS Word Format
  • Printed format
  • Ebook format and
  • Self study format

Click on the links below to find out more about each format and to decide which format would suit your requirements best.


Digital! That was the unanimous consensus of the Courseware4U planners after some serious brainstorming about the future of computer training material. And that’s what we did. We went digital!
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Although we specialise in customizable courseware, we also provide printed training material on request. The printed copies are identical to the digital version of our course material.
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Self Study

To cater for the needs of people who are dependent on self study, Courseware4U compiled packages specifically tailored for the needs of self study students. Each package also includes an online testRead more


Due to popular demand all our manuals are now also available as EBooks. The eBooks are in clickable e-pdf format and can be installed and read on computers, tablets, e-readers  and even cell phones.
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All our customizable manuals are written in Microsoft Word and sold in digital format. It can therefore be completely customized and re-branded by license holders using Microsoft Word or any other word processor.

What is more, Coursewae4U training material  is sold with a “lifetime license” that does not require annual license renewals. And important! Our authors, writers, editors, designers and compilers have more than 15 years experience in the field op courseware production. The first competition word is West

The Courseware4U Package

Coursewar4U does not sell just a manual, but our courseware comes in an extended package that includes the following:-

  • The actual print-ready manual written in Word that is easy to cutomize and re-brand using MS Word or any other word processor;
  • A pdf version of the manual;
  • An Activities folder containing many activities (exercises);
  • PowerPoint presentation(s) to assist facilitators, trainers and teachers;
  • A tips and recommendations document containing suggestions and advice on how the training material can be used;
  • Our “lifetime” licence agreement which is applicable to all Courseware4U material;
  • And a bonus! Some of our packages include a discount coupon which can be redeemed under certain circumstances.


  • Our Microsoft Office 365TM training material for all applications and levels are available as separate units (manuals) to make it possible for clients to buy the manuals as and when needed.
  • Once you have purchased all the manuals that you require, you can  “mix and match”, cut and paste and add your own elements, text and images to create your personal, unique training material using MS Word or other word processor.
  • For clients who wish to buy several units simultaneously, we have pre-bundled certain units to align the bundle with the requirements of certification institutions whose certification programmes are globally recognised.
  • There are considerable savings when you buy a bundle.

Let’s do some arithmetic based on an example where a training centre has 20 students each year. To provide each student with a printed copy of an Intermediate level MS Word manual at R150 + 15% VAT + courier costs will add up to +/- R193. The total cost will then be R193 x 20 = R3,860 per annum. Over a period of say 3 years this will add up to a total of R11,580.

If the same centre buys one Courseware4U MS  Word manual, the cost will be R4,000 one-off. It does not make any difference how many students there are. Because it is not necessary to buy a new copy each year, the total cost over a period of 3 years will still be R4,000. This represents a saving of R7,580.

From an economic point of view it therefore makes sense to switch to Courseware4U as your supplier of choice of computer training material.


Print on Demand

Although we specialise in editable, customizable courseware, we also provide the same training material in print format. The printed copies are identical to the digital version of our course material.

The turn around time for printed copies is about 14 days. But to assist trainers during the waiting period, we will provide a FREE pdf copy of the manual which trainers can use in the meantime.

A zip file containing an Activities folder with lots of exercises is included in the price of the manual.

Branding the material as your own

As is the case with our digital courseware, it is easy to brand the manual as your own. If you order ten or more copies, just send us your logo and slogan and we will customize your cover for you. Or  you can provide us with a print ready pdf with crop marks for the cover of the manual you purchase. Alternatively we can design a cover specifically for you with your logo and other info you may require on the cover. Our design services are very reasonably priced.

Our Price Match Guarantee

We guarantee our everyday competitive prices. If you find an identical training manual currently offered for less at any online-only computer skills courseware store located in South Africa (including shipping and other fees, if applicable), we will match the competitor’s price, hassle free!

Price match conditions

  • Courseware4U reserves its right to verify the lower price prior to sale. Show us confirmation of the price that you have found for less for an identical item from a local competitor via a complete URL (web address) of the product page on the competitor’s website.
  • Competitor closing down sale, clearance, liquidation, rebates coupons, free or bonus offers, errors or misprints, discontinued items are excluded from this guarantee.
  • The competitor’s item must be sold by a dealer located in South Africa.




Self Study Packages

The importance of computer skills

“Computer and Internet skills are valued in today’s, business, professional and academic environments. Employers want their workers to have basic computer skills because their company becomes ever more dependent on computers,” says Karen LaPlant quite rightly. That’s why it is so important to acquire computer and Internet skills in today’s competitive employment environment.

But what to do if you do not have the time and/or finances to attend formal tuition or classes. The obvious answer is self study!

To cater for the needs of people who are dependent on self study, Courseware4U compiled packages specifically tailored for the needs of self study students.

The Self Study Package

Included in each self study package are the following:

  • The complete manual in pdf format
  • An Activities folder with exercises
  • An online test to evaluate yourself
  • The Courseware4U License Agreement

Advantages of our self study packages

Self study packages are more affordable than the normal packages aimed at training centres and institutions.
The package contains a test in web form format which can be done on-line and when completed be submitted for evaluation.
After the test has been submitted and evaluated, a certificate will be issued as proof that the student has completed the test based on the course content.
The manual content is based on the same syllabi as was used for our other courseware and is suitable for sitting for exams of any qualification institutions.
Students can learn at their own pace and study after hours if they are already employed.


The training material is not customizable (only a pdf addition of the manual is included).
The test can not be regarded as a recognised qualification as Courseware4U is not an accredited examination authority.
No valuable interaction with and guidance from a qualified teacher or tutor.


Although many readers and learners still prefer physical print books, eBooks do have some distinct benefits and offer versatility that print cannot. While print books aren’t going away anytime soon, there are many situations in which eBooks provide an advantage over traditional paper media. That is why we at Courseware4U have decided to also give our customers the option of buying our excellent courseware in eBook format.

There are many reasons why readers may want to give eBooks a try. They provide more versatility than print and have many advantages that make the reading experience easier and more enjoyable.

Unlike print, eBooks allow you to change the font size or even the font style. Our eBooks are in clickable e-pdf  that can be used on any compatible computer or mobile device. With the growth in the use of tablets such as the Kindle Fire or the Ipad, eBooks have been gaining ground and is definitely  an option to consider.


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